Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. Consequently, it’s the chief business hub within the country. The place also hosts the majority of office headquarters of various NGOs and government bodies. It’s also the place where you find the main airport in Kenya. 

Local people and foreigners gather in this place as they plan to leave the country. They also land at the same place from abroad. As a citizen from upcountry, you would like to have a place to spend the night if for some reason you visit Nairobi without having plans to go back the same day. If the mission on which you find yourself in the city demands that you spend some time there, you need a secure and comfortable residence in the mean time. 

For foreigners and tourists who visit Kenya, it would be their pleasure to feel at home even when beyond the boundaries of their motherlands. This is more so particularly when it comes to accommodation. Kenya and specifically Nairobi is a good place to be. In addition to the place being hospitable, it also contains adequate rental apartments and suites that can accommodate virtually everyone as per his/her needs. 

There exists a wide range of these facilities depending on ones requirements in regard to space and other provisions. For example, there are those suites that are suitable for sole individuals. Couples are also catered for. Those who need spacious apartments for families are also not sidelined. The rate of payment for these flats is determined by the amount of space required, the duration of time for which the person is likely to stay and the type of extra facilities that one chooses to utilize. 

The cost could also be determined by some other factors as well. For instance, there’re some people who prefer specific neighbourhoods, there are also those who consider nice views or vicinity to some particular features such as game parks or airports. Still others operate on a tight schedule such that they prefer places where they can be served with breakfast. 

On average, an apartment in Nairobi costs between KES 3500-KES 8000 per night depending on the period of the week. Weekends are relatively expensive thus the variance. Some suites are meant for those who plan to stay a little bit longer-a month and over. These are mostly offered at a discount. The rates for these facilities range between KES 28000-KES 270,000 per month. 

Guests particularly those from abroad are expected to produce documents to validate their identities. They should also present travel itineraries due to health issues. Guests are provided with various facilities and serene environment. They also have access to various activities and entertainment. 

Some of the services provided include; WiFi and private parking free of charge, massage, car hire and car rental services as well as food and drinks. Extra facilities offered include; swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, airport shuttle and fitness centre. Guests are also allowed to book free cancellation options in case their travel plans need to change. 

I hope that the information presented will be of help to those intending to spend a night in Nairobi or those who would like to have a short stay in the place Calgary apartments