Indoor playground safety requirements should be put into consideration when designing a playground. Kids develop many skills as they interact in the playgrounds. Their physical fitness and social interaction are developed. Their safety is always a priority. Therefore all pieces of equipment installed should be safe for kids. The considerations are;

Consider the age of the children in the playground

A safe play area should be designed to separate older and younger children. The kid’s activeness and resilience differ. Younger children should have separate regions from older ones as they aren’t as active. Piece of equipment used should be appropriate for both young and older kids to avoid injuries.  

Spacing of the equipment

Spacing is a critical Indoor playground safety requirements. Playground equipment that is too close can lead to injury. Supervisors should place tall equipment at least nine feet apart. Swings slides and any other equipment should have a bay for safety. No space in a playground should be of a size that could lead to the injury of a child.

Stability of equipment

When buying equipment, it’s advisable to look for safety standards and buy from reputable companies. Be cautious of purchasing used equipment. Proper maintenance gives a chance to look out for any damage, tear and wear, insecurely fastened or loose equipment. Playgrounds with any harmful materials near the equipment are not suitable to consider.


The safe surface is a vital factor in Indoor playground safety requirements. Textures chosen for a playground will impact safety. In the recent past, concrete surfaces were used. However, the most preferred surfaces are rubber, wood chips, sand, mulch, and pea gravel. The textures make running, jumping, and sliding easy for the kids. The suitable surfaces don’t necessarily prevent all injuries, but it lessens the severity of the damages when they occur.

Active supervision

Supervision is an essential element in any Indoor playground safety requirement. Supervision is not only crucial for young kids but kids of all ages. Ensure those you entrust with your children’s care are responsible in supervision and can intercede in case of an injury—train playground supervisors on how to handle emergency cases. 


Playgrounds are places whereby our children create good memories by playing and interacting. When the memories are good, the children will remember them for a lifetime. Bad memories caused by injuries when playing will always haunt our children. We can prevent this by ensuring the safety of all playgrounds where the children will relax and have fun always. 

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