Why Flooring Care Is Critical To Home Inspections

For many years, hardwood floor has graced many homes as the best form of floor cover. Because of its ability to stay for long and its general beauty, this kind of floor is becoming popular with new homeowners choosing to install them instead of the usual concrete and carpets. This type of base has got numerous advantages such as the fact that it requires less maintenance, is durable, and easy to install. Since there are very many compositions, selecting the best type becomes a huge challenge, and people end up buying what does not fit their house hence spend more money than officially planned.

Up to now, there are two main types of this flooring Abbotsford; you either choose the engineered or the solid timber. With the engineered one, there are several variations; hence, you should be extra careful to avoid frustrations and disappointments. Since the terms used with the wood are numerous, you may buy a particular type that ends up upsetting you because it does not fit your budget or the installation guidelines that are intended for the floor like natural timber. This entirely means you need to be careful when choosing the type you want to avoid buying the wrong floor panels for your house. Below are few things you ought to know about the two.

This one is normally cut from an unpolished tree plank and then milled to fit the floor tiles required It ranges from 5/16 or a third in thickness and you can select them in various lengths and widths you want. Because of its sensitivity (to wetness and humidity), solid (natural) wood is recommended for installation in the upper-level rooms that are not in contact with the ground. Its original nature makes it appealing and attractive and you can choose to apply the polish you see best for you, or go for the factory finish shades.

Solid timber is expensive compared to other types of flooring. Bear in mind that this one is harvested in its natural form. This is because of the work that needs to be done in order to create something that will fit your needs. Therefore, it is going to cost more than other categories of timber. You can choose from the various tree species available, and it has several advantages such as durability and its beauty and appealing nature. This type of floor will serve you for many years. Furthermore, you will not be required to spend a lot of time in cleaning it.

You cannot differentiate this type from the natural timber if it is installed the way it should. This kind of a base has several plywoods joined, with the top section being actual wood. It can vary in thickness and is said to be an affordable version of solid wood. It provides excellent beauty and elegance when installed correctly.

It is usually referred to as wood laminate, and can be obtained easily with various specifications designed to fit a particular room. It is stronger than solid timber, and can be placed on top of concrete floors as well.

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