Benefits of applying best practices in hydroseeding

Before we delve into the benefits of applying hydroseeding technology, it is important to understand what it is. Vancouver Hydroseeder is a pocket friendly and effective method which was invented in the 1950s. It mixes grass seed and manure to seed expansive areas which are difficult to use conventional approaches. It can be used to seed home lawns, golf courses, road reserves etc. Hydroseeding is different from hydromulching. Whereas hydroseeding uses water as a medium to carry seeds and fertilizer, hydromulching has mulch added into this mixture. This article highlights and explains the benefits of hydroseeding method as follows:

  • Effective method-As compared to the conventional methods,hydroseeding is more effective. This is due to a number of reasons. To start with, in hydroseeding, you can apply customized seeding on your landscape that is suitable to your climatic conditions. With this method, you can also apply different kinds of seeds in various parts of your lawn. Secondly, the fertilizer that is used ensures that there is superior growth of your grass.
  • Even distribution-The coat that is used on the seed enables you to determine the areas that have been covered by the seed broadcast and those that have not. This will enable you to ensure that there is 100% coverage of all areas that were supposed to be covered.
  • It is a quick method-Compared to conventional methods, hydroseeding is faster. In this method, you’re likely to witness seed germination in less than 5 days.
  • Cost effective-As compared to sodding, this method is inexpensive but offers an amazing lawn.
  • Customized for your soil-As compared to sodding that in most cases incompatible with the soil where it is laid on, in hydroseeding, the seeds can be customized to match the soils that they are planted so that they germinate.
  • Vibrant Grass-The lawn grass that is grown through hydroseeding is healthier and more vibrant compared to the one grown through sodding. With this method, you’re assured of healthy grass throughout the seasons.
  • Even distribution-compared to sodding where you may experience gaps after sometime when the seeds have germinated; hydroseeding assures you of evenly distributed grass throughout the year. The incidents of gaps and shrinkage are minimized through this method.
  • Safety-As compared to some traditional methods, hydroseeding is safe and non-toxic. Furthermore, it is an eco-friendly method.
  • Water retention-When you apply this method, you’re likely to use less water because there is much which is retained in the soil. Coastal Yardworks ensures that there is less wastage of water.
  • Erosion minimization-Due to use of grass to cover the soil, soil erosion is minimized.
  • Easy installation-As compared to other traditional methods that are complex, hydroseeding is easy to install.