The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Commercial Painter

It s All About Skills

    Commercial painters have the experience and the skills to ensure a uniform and professional appearance to your finished space, whether they’re painting a warehouse exterior or the interior of a 10,000 square foot office building. The coverage, color, and texture should appear the same throughout, which is something that can be difficult to achieve without years of experience working with paint in commercial settings.

    1. Commercial Painters Will Save You Time

    If you need to paint the entire interior of your office over a weekend to ensure you aren’t losing employee productivity to paint smell or distractions, hiring a well-respected commercial paint crew, like the team at Cooper Painting, is the surest way to ensure your project is completed in a timely manner. Independent contractors are notoriously unreliable, often arriving hours or even days late to a firmly set appointment.

    Beyond that, when they start work, the size of their crew and their experience level may serve to slow them down, resulting in a sizable bill because of the number of hours involved. If you want it done right and done on time, a commercial painter team is your best option.

    1. Commercial Painters Can Save You Money

    From those many additional hours you would have to pay an unskilled or team for, to the supplies that are required to perform the job, commercial painters can actually save you money. While their rates may seem higher than the rates quoted by your neighbor who painted his own garage last summer, they can probably save you a lot of money in supplies, time, and wasted paint. They know how to estimate their needs without going too far above what is required and they can keep the prices of the paint and supplies lower because of the quantity they purchase.

    1. You Can Trust Commercial Painters

    Most business owners and managers don’t have the time to sit around with their painters and watch the paint dry. Instead, they will hire the painters to do the work when their business is closed and there are no employees, clients, or customers around hence gaining access to the properties. Unlike hourly-hire handymen-style workers, commercial painters depend on word of mouth, online reviews, and reputation to drive their business. They won’t abide by employees stealing from their clients or damaging client property. It’s anyone’s guess what the policy on employee behavior will be if you hire a crew without a business license or billing address. 

    1. They Have the Best Equipment

    Commercial painters have likely invested heavily in the newest and best equipment to get the job done quickly and professionally. That equipment, in turn, allows commercial painters to provide you with the uniform coverage, tone, and texture you want in your freshly painted spaces, while also keeping the time required to paint the space to a minimum.