Key Questions To Ask Before You Decide To Hire A Residential Plumbing Contractor

Are you in need of a major plumbing installation or repair to be done in your home? If this is the case, then it is probably about time for you to start looking for the right residential plumbing contractor to hire. However, for you to ensure that you are able to avoid all the pitfalls that may come with choosing the wrong plumber, below are some of the questions that you should ask before making the final decision.

  • Do you have a license?

All states require that a Residential Plumbing Contractor be licensed before they can go ahead and start doing any plumbing work. When a plumber has a license, this is kind of a stamp that goes to show that they are actually qualified for the kind of work that they are planning on doing. If you find that the plumbing contractor is unable to prove that they have a license with them, then it is often a good idea if you could start having a look somewhere else.

  • What are your charges? Is it flat or hourly?

Before you go ahead and start to sign any kind of contracts, it is important to find out if the plumber Port Coquitlam you are thinking of hiring works with a flat rate or they work with an hourly rate. Depending on the kind of budget you have and just how good the residential plumbing contractor is, you should go ahead and make a decision based on this.

  • Will the estimation cover all the costs that are going to be needed?

There are those contractors who may want to charge you extra for an amount that they should have included in the estimation that they had given you initially. You should make sure that the plumbing contractor is only going to give you an estimation once they have carefully had a look at what they are going to be dealing with. You should also make sure to ask if the estimate given is also going to include any delays that may be experienced as well as any other complications that may be unforeseen.

  • Do you have insurance?

Any residential plumbing contractor who is legit should have the right insurance with them. This insurance is important so that they can be able to protect you as well as their workers in the event that they get injured while working. If you hire a contractor who does not have insurance, then you might be the one responsible for all the medical bills that the injured party may be faced with.

  • When do you want your payment?

Get to know if you can pay through installments or if they will want you to pay for their services once the entire job has been completed.